Concept Map

The Concept Map shows the learning activities in a sequence of elipses. They are explained in response to four student-level questions:

  • what do I need to know? ( Knowledge)
  • what can I do with it? (Operacy)
  • what will I have when I've done it? (Results)
  • what next? (Reflection)

The term 'operacy' has been coined by Edward de Bono, its meaning is presented here in context:

The idiom of education is that it is enough to build up the information base and that action is then easy. It is not. The skills of action are every bit as important as the skills of knowledge. That this is not recognised in education is a tragedy. For convenience I have coined the term 'operacy', which is derived from 'operate' and 'operational' and thus indicates 'the skill needed for doing'. I believe that operacy should rank alongside literacy and numeracy as a major aim of education.

We need to change our conceptions about thinking and action. To effect this change we need a concept such as operacy which gives status to the thinking involved in doing. We need to appreciate effectiveness and not just intellectual games. 

De Bono's Thinking Course, 1985, British Broadcasting Corporation, London. Pages 112 and 136.



  ... manipulating and enhancing the digital image of your project. ...including metallic, iridescent or special finishes to your project. ...  your design project, including making the pattern, vacuum forming the mould (or product) and casting it in plaster. ... the program that makes tests for online delivery and automatic correction. ... creating a 'success metaphor', a picture of yourself doing a task very well and getting paid for it. ... to greater things, setting some short and longer term goals. ... a chance to reflect, think about what you have learnt. ...including strategies for coping in various situations. ... the 3 factors that form them, and how we can change them. ... the big event - presenting your design project to a review panel. ...getting ready to face the review panel, and feel in control. ... preparing your own homepage - your 'face to the world'. ... for Design Projects, an exercise in visualisation and guided imagery. ... for ICT Project, another exercise in visualisation, seeing the task and what is required. ... for Design Projects, an awareness exercise, and applying for a place on the design project teams. ... for ICT Project - another exercise in applying for an exciting position, doing some ICT work and getting paid for it.