About avec ...

The avec program is adapted from an award-winning national curriculum project because its designer believes it belongs on the Internet, not in a classroom; it belongs to young people everywhere, not to those in a few select schools, and it belongs to parents (especially homeschoolers) not just to teachers. See Video

In essence, the program develops 'soft' skills like initiative, creativity, self-esteem, emotional resilience - all vital skills that can only be 'taught' in a context, in much the same way that children learn to walk and communicate.

Young people are immersed in an exciting activity, they are engaged as though they are experienced, qualified professionals contracted to deliver responses to real-world challenges. The 'professionals' express interest and apply for a position, go through a rigorous selection process, get short listed, and offered a place on the team. They respond to the challenge they select; a three dimensional model, a written response, or a series of assignments with assistance from their 'supervisor', and then prepare to present their response to a review panel for assessment. While involved in this process, participants respond to a series of 'professional development' tasks including dealing with stress and building and maintaining emotional well-being.

If you have wondered if there is anything 'out there' to help your son or daughter become more engaged with life, to help them build emotional hardiness, and find their passion, and generally be prepared to face life's challenges, you have found the answer.