Current Projects

avec is calling for expressions of interest for the following projects:


Brain Research Project

Looking for something different to do? A regional university requires qualified and experienced people to conduct brain research in a junior secondary school classroom. Your work will be published and your individual and team role will be acknowledged. Demand for these places is high and it is recommended you express your interest promptly.
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emotional health

Emotional Health (Certificate of Applied Psychotherapy)

Your chance to be part of an exciting national initiative to improve emotional well-being in your community. You will become skilled in a new approach to emotional health - fast, simple and effective techniques that enable people to flourish, not just survive.
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The Alpha Project

Do you speak Kriol? Are you from an indigenous community? Are you looking for an interesting project that offers the opportunity to travel? Are you keen to be part of a small team of young people finding out about one of Australia's largest resource development projects? If 'YES! is your answer, then read on ...


Design Projects

Are you looking to have your design skills recognised on the world stage? avec has a wide selection of exciting design challenges for interested designers - emergency housing, water storage covers, fashion displays, rock concert stage items, movie backgrounds and many more ...
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Group Travel Consultants

An exciting selection of special interest groups - aviation buffs, craft enthusiasts, government committees, online gamers - are waiting for your brilliant itinerary and travel arrangements. Your chance to prove yourself as top of your field.
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